Dormitory Rules Sheet

1. Dormitories will be available for check-in on Tuesday, June 20, 2023.

2. The dormitories must be vacated no later than Friday, June 30, 2023. For special considerations due to flight schedules, etc., please contact Rev. Ken Olson at

3. Quiet time 11:00 – 11:59 pm each night. Lights out and no more use of phones 12:00 – 6:30 am. It is important to be courteous to those around you who are trying to sleep.

4. Men’s and women’s areas will be separate. Men are prohibited in women’s areas and women are prohibited in men’s areas. No one should go into any room except those designated for the dormitories. All other rooms are strictly off limits.

5. Both men and women are to be fully clothed to go to and from the showers and restrooms.

6. There are limited restrooms and showers. You must take very quick showers (to allow others time to shower and to use a minimal amount of water) and quick usage of toilets — especially in the mornings. There will be an assigned area to hang wet towels to dry.

7. Those using the showers at the back of the dining hall must take particular care to be fully clothed, and these will be off limits 30 minutes before each meal. Only after all guests have left may showers be taken after meals.

8. For the toilets inside the building, toilet paper must be discarded into toilet paper receptacles and no foreign articles are to be discarded into toilets. Portable toilets will be available outside the building.

9. Each person is responsible for keeping lodging rooms clean and orderly at all times, and restrooms and showers are to be kept clean and dry for the next user.

10. Each person staying in the dormitories will be provided bed linens, and one towel and washcloth. Pillows will be provided. There is no laundry service. Bed linens and towels should last you for your entire stay. Feel free to bring extra towels if you desire more than the one provided.

11. Everyone is responsible for bringing his own electrical outlet adapter. International adapters are available in most cities. The United States has two associated plug types. Type A has two flat parallel pins and Type B has two flat parallel pins and a grounding pin. The USA operates on a 120V supply voltage and 60Hz. Only safe devices should be brought. Many newer devices have a wide range of adaptability (typically from 100V to 240V). You must check if your device is one of these. It is extremely important that we avoid electrical fires, damage to your devices, and other problems. If you have any questions at all, please be sure to ask someone before trying to plug in your device.

12. Room doors will not be locked and there is no security personnel. Any valuables, Passports or other identification documentation should be checked in. They will be put in a safe for their protection. The ICCC will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items.

13. For traveling locally and on tourism day, you must keep a copy of your passport on you personally for identification purposes. 

14. Snacks are allowed in rooms, but all trash from rooms must be removed daily by those staying in the rooms and put in large trash receptacles outside the exit doors. Meals are not allowed into dormitory areas unless someone is sick and has obtained permission. It is important to make sure that any crumbs from snacks be carefully picked up and put in trash cans, and spills promptly cleaned up, to avoid drawing ants and other insects.

15. There will be marked entrance and exit doors for access into the dormitory building. The use of all other doors is prohibited.

16. There will be window shades in every room that MUST remain in the down (closed) position at all times. It is very, very important to follow this rule! With the shades not fully closed, people on the street can easily see into the rooms. This is important to guard privacy, and to keep people from seeing your valuables and other belongings.

17. Children will not be allowed to roam freely without an adult supervisor.

18. During Congress activities the dormitory building will be locked and everyone should be in the auditorium or in other activity areas.

19. Everyone lodging in the school building must agree and abide by the house rules. Anyone who does not abide by the house rules will be asked to leave and find their own hotel room. That will be very expensive.