Thanks to Host Committee

The 20th World Congress of the International Council of Christian Churches, meeting January 22-29, 2020, in Puerto Montt, Chile, wishes to give heartfelt thanks to the Chilean Planning Committee, which has prepared for this Congress. They have given of their time sacrificially for the past 15 months.

Various committees worked diligently under the leadership of Pastor José Héctor Oyarce, president of the Committee, and his closest collaborators (Enedith and Patricia Mercegué), and their husbands (David Igor and Saul Cárdenas). A group of pastors headed the committees: Pastors Tito Gonzalez, Hector Oyarsun, Marcelo Antilef and Luis Leiva, together with their work teams. All of these worked fervently, with hearts full of love, to serve the Lord. Without them, this Congress would not have been possible. When likeminded brethren work together, there is much accomplished for the glory of the Lord. We greatly appreciate their labors for Christ.