2023 Work Program Information

Help in the Dining Room:

• Those signed up to stay in the dormitories and be involved in the work program will be expected to follow all dormitory rules.

• A schedule will be made out for each day, listing those to help with each meal. This will include such things as, but not limited to:

1. Helping set up the food serving tables.

2. Helping set up coffee urns, beverage stations, and make sure ice is available.

3. Making sure that all supplies (such as plates, bowls, cups, utensils, etc., are in place before each meal. Make sure to let Pastor Christian Spencer know if supplies are running low.

4. Making sure all tables are in their proper positions and chairs are pushed in.

5. Assist elderly guests with getting their food to the table, if necessary.

6. Cleaning up spills.

7. Wiping tables after each meal, and getting them ready for the next meal.

8. Spot cleaning any dirt or food on the floors.

9. Taking out garbage bags after each meal to the dumpster, and making sure new bags are in all cans.

Other duties will include such things as:

1. Making sure garbage bags are emptied in the restrooms at the church, in the office, etc.

2. Light spot cleaning each evening in the church building where any dirt or trash may appear on the floors, etc.

3. Make sure bathrooms are clean, including toilets.

4. Each person in the dormitories is expected to pick up after themselves. However, those in the work program should keep their eyes open for full trash cans, etc.

5. Assisting in the office with stapling and collating copies, and distributing documents to various people attending the Congress.

Our goal is to divide the work so each person will have plenty of time off to attend the meetings, enjoy fellowship, go on tours, etc.

All delegates and guests will be asked to clean up after themselves, take all used paper goods to trash cans, etc.